About the Castino's -

Year Purchased: 2013

About the owner: Hailing from the Chicago suburbs but getting closer and closer to that empty nest time in our lives, my husband and I had started thinking about what and where our next chapter might be. We have run a home services business on Chicago's North Shore for over 30 years, everything from painting to carpentry to carpet cleaning. But as our youngest approaches the end of her high school years, we've been talking about semi-retiring while still keeping busy enough to keep ourselves out of trouble and being able to put the third daughter through college. One wedding down with two to go means that we aren't quite ready to sit back and knit baby booties yet.

Why we Chose Sheboygan: So one fateful weekend last summer, after seeing one daughter off on a mission service trip and another off to a quarter of studying abroad (a flurried week of preparation!) we thought we'd treat ourselves to a quick get-away. My husband dug out an old flyer on a Bed and Breakfast from his files, and off we headed to Sheboygan. Not only did we enjoy our stay immensely, we noticed the For Sale sign. After several cocktails, we were convinced that buying this was the right thing to do! Of course, we had to discuss it again the next morning. Hmmm. We still liked the idea. Our second night out to dinner reignited the burning desire to pursue it. Yes, we were still interested the next morning. We hurried home to crunch some numbers. Our friends and family (and banker) all thought we were nuts--, but the next thing we knew we were making an offer on the mansion. Not only did the house call to us, but the area evokes such a peaceful and less harried lifestyle. We've made several trips there in the meantime, and continue to fall more and more in love with the area. My husband, an avid golfer, is just drooling to get out on The Bull, Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits. I might have to take up golf if I ever hope to see him again. In the meantime, I'm going to have a blast putzing around this amazing home and making it our own. The previous owners took a masterpiece that had gotten rundown and transformed it into a showcase some years ago. It's stunning! We have plans to finish the basement, turning it into a full tavern/rec-room/playroom. We can't wait for groups to enjoy it together. We look forward to moving up here full-time when our gal flies the coop but until then we will be enjoying the view, the town and the many fun things the area has to offer. I still can't believe that a spur of the moment trip to a place that happened to have availability has sent us this direction. I toyed with naming the place SERENDIPITY, but Lakeview Mansion says it all!

The Unique Benefits at this Estate: The views can't be duplicated, the proximity to everything you could want to do makes getting around so easy, and the house itself is beyond description. I feel like I jumped in a time machine and ended up as royalty. Even the carriage house apartment above the garage (formerly the servants' quarters) is oozing with charm. There are so many areas to curl up with a good book, enjoy a cup of coffee, hang out with friends and family, or play games. You can stay together but keep your own schedules, given the privacy and the layout of the home. If you want to sleep in--go for it. Grandma might be in the kitchen whipping up pancakes for the gang as the partiers stagger up from the bar. Into research? What a great excuse to eat and drink your way through Sheboygan and the surrounding area!